My Story

So why Computer Science and The Arts? It’s a question I’ve asked myself because when I was in high school, I didn’t like Information Technology.  I was first and foremost more interested in writing and other Art related activities. So let me tell you my story, about how I fell in love with The Arts – especially writing – and how I became interested in Computer Science.

I was a bookworm when I was much younger. I can’t remember much about the fiction books I used to read back then, but I do remember quite a bit about the non-fiction material. I used to read a lot of National Geographic especially. There was so much to learn and observe. Ancient civilizations, Earth sceneries, astronomy, chemistry, scientific discoveries…there were few things that didn’t interest me to some degree. The more I read, the more my curiosity and imagination grew.

The first book that triggered my urge to write was a children’s fantasy novel called The Borrowers. For a brief period I became obsessed with the idea of people who were tiny enough that they could live within the walls of a house. I tried to write stories with these tiny people as the subjects; they tended to be unimaginative works that looked like I was asking to be sued for ripping off other material wholesale, or got corny really quickly. That much is expected of a beginner, but even back then I knew the difference and abandoned this endeavor.

I was first introduced to science fiction when I read a Star Trek book that a cousin lent me. It wasn’t the best book I had read up to that point; as a matter of fact I think it bored the hell out of me. The introduction, however, was enough to spark my interest in science fiction. This genre of fiction has practically endless possibilities. One can develop a universe full of exotic worlds, beings, cultures, and although your concepts may seem far-fetched, it’s your universe to do whatever you please. I hasten to add that I prefer science fiction that has a semblance of logic behind the fictional mechanisms it may feature.

The first video game to grab my attention was Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat. A major part of the appeal was the music, but I also became immersed in the background of the Mechwarrior universe. This game spawned my second campaign to copy wholesale something that I liked. I abandoned the projects eventually.

I then was introduced to Halo: Combat Evolved; I was once again immersed in the stories behind the games. I would spend hours at a time reading fan speculations about the origins of mankind and all the mysteries that Halo: Combat Evolved presented. The writing bug hit again, but unfortunately once again I was only copying from the Halo universe. But this time was also different. As I continued to work on the writing material, elements that seemed too similar to the Halo saga began to disappear and I started to develop my own ideas; I wasn’t copying wholesale from the stories and games that I liked anymore.

So I was an aspiring writer who loved to play video games. I didn’t just loved to play them though. I loved to delve into the back-stories of these video games. Video games were a match made in heaven for me. I got to read a story while having a part to play in the events. Who doesn’t love to be immersed in a fiction world where they control events? Suddenly, Computer Science didn’t look that unappealing to me.

16 comments on “My Story

  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    Hi Nathan. Thanks for following my WordPress site, and taking the time to catch up on my sci-fi serial. I look forward to reading the works you post on your site =)

    • You’re welcome! I’m working on a novel which I hope to be posting as regularly as possible. So feel free to stop by anytime. Oh by the way, I (somewhat unfortunately) read your latest post for Venusian Cloud Colony #9. I say ‘somewhat unfortunately’ because I jumped right in near the end of the whole book…but what I read, I like. Very interesting premise!

      • D. James Fortescue says:

        There is a link entitled ‘Works in Progress’ at the top of my page, with links to each ongoing story in sequence. But yes, starting at the ‘big reveals’ scenes explains the preceding scenes somewhat =)

        • Gotcha. I downloaded the PDF file for your Venusian Colony works. I intend to read it piece by piece. I can’t allow myself to read everything in one sitting as I used to do because I’m trying to jumpstart my own work. But I’ll be sure to give you feedback. Do you intend to have it as a paid published work at some point by the way?

          • D. James Fortescue says:

            I understand completely; it is quite hard to keep up with the posts of everyone who follows your site. I do my best to, but one would need an epic bandwidth allowance to do it =)

            Feedback would be greatly appreciated =D

            The tentative plan is to revisit the four stories at the end of the year (the 4th is my NaNoWriMo for this year), rewrite as needed, and then put them together as an anthology. The big decision will be made then.

            I must apologise for the PDF, as I do not believe it is completely up to date. I shall update it and let you know so you have the most current edition =)

            Thank you for finding the time to read my story; it is very humbling and very much appreciated.

  2. Len says:

    Best of luck.

  3. becca3416 says:

    I bet video came programming would be so fun, but I wouldn’t know where to start. I’ll stick to video editing :).

    • The funny thing is that I love the computer and I love teaching myself programming, but I’m so lost with a lot of other software tools AND video game programming! Lol. And I just don’t have the urge to learn. Which suggests to me that my number one calling is writing. Pity it takes quite a while for my thoughts to form into words that I love. It’s the perfectionist in me I guess. But it’s worth it!

      • becca3416 says:

        I can relate to that. I am trying to learn photoshop right now and I just keep procrastinating. I wish I could just download the knowledge to my brain like the Matrix!

        • Lol. True that! I was learning Photoshop a few years ago. I was focusing on learning how to make those space scenes. I got far…ish. But one piece of work had me stumped…I just didn’t like how things were. Kinda discouraged me. So I stopped. But from since a very young age I’ve always wanted to write. Just been a bit worried about my own ability. And there’s the added discouragement that it’s quite difficult to pursue writing in the Caribbean. But recently I had some deep introspection and I realized that, honestly, writing is where it’s at for me! As for the failure how else would I know until I try?

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