The Lair Of Nate

I’m Nathan Wilson hailing from the small Caribbean island of Antigua. I’ll get around to posting a pic…soon…very soon.

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Short stories. Most likely in the science fiction genre. And thoughts on programming and writing. As well as anything else that gets up in my head that I need to put out there.

10 comments on “The Lair Of Nate

  1. J. Michael Edwards says:

    I like the premise. It will be fun to see what you do with it.

  2. J. Michael Edwards says:

    BTW, thanks for reading my SF blog. It’s always encouraging to know that someone out there is actually reading the stuff you write.

  3. C. Jeffrey says:

    Nothing beats an interesting premise. Can’t wait to see what happens with it.

    • Thanks! I haven’t reached anywhere as close as you have in building your novel. I’m in the ‘world building’ stage right now, trying to stamp out potential logical loopholes. Slow going, but I’m enjoying it. It’s really nice being able to build your own world, isn’t it?

      • C. Jeffrey says:

        Yes it is, I enjoy the designing probably more than the writing to be honest, haha. Can’t imagine the amount of angles you need to look at with yours. Best of luck!

        • Same here! I have so many story ideas from years ago written in ten plus exercise books I kid you not. Full synopses of what I want to happen in my stories. But I always have the mental block of fleshing them out into something that is readable. I started looking through those books the other day to reacquaint myself with these ideas so I can work on them in the future. For now though, ‘Billion Man Rapture’ is my project. Despite all the angles I am seeing, I feel it may actually be a smaller, more manageable project than my older projects. And thanks for the well wishes! Best of luck with your project too!

  4. C. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Nate. I nominated you for a blog award, check here for more details,

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