Billion Man Rapture: President Ramsey’s Speech After What Quickly Became Known As The ‘Billion Man Rapture’

The China Rapture Crisis: President Ramsey’s Speech Transcript

The President of the United States of America delivers a televised speech addressing the issue of the simultaneous disappearance of one billion plus humans from within China.

THE PRESIDENT: Good evening America, and others who are tuning in from around the world. Tonight, at approximately 9:30 P.M Eastern Daylight Time, we witnessed the signs of a mysterious phenomenon that will indelibly change our world. Thousands of people who were in contact with loved ones or acquaintances in China- whether via text, audio, video, or a combination of the three- had their conversations unceremoniously cut short. Having suddenly been left stranded without instructions, airplane pilots were forced to reroute their flights to airports outside of China. Individuals along the shared borders with China witnessed the simultaneous disappearance of any human within China for as far as the eyes could see. There is no event in the annals of human history that could serve as a precedent for what we are facing today.

After being informed of the situation by a member of the United States Intelligence Community, I called a National Security meeting. Using the data retrieved by our Intelligence assets, my National Security team and I decided to work with the theory that one billion plus humans inside China were snatched off the Earth leaving behind everything but the clothes on their backs. Let me also say that there is no evidence to suggest that this phenomenon occurred anywhere else but within China’s borders.

This billion man abduction leaves China’s assets exposed to exploitation; some of these assets would be a boon to individuals with harmful intent. I led my National Security team in devising plans to ensure that this does not occur.

The first thing we set out to establish was whether humans entering China would be affected by the phenomenon. Unfortunately, given the extreme mystery behind this situation, the only way to get the answer to that question is to send humans into China and observe the result. With that in mind, we discussed strategies for ensuring that China’s assets did not fall into the hands of those who would endanger our way of life. The decision wasn’t hard to make. In light of the situation we are facing, don’t our squabbles look petty?

I reached out to the leaders of the fourteen nations that share borders with China, namely Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, and North Korea. My message to them was simple: choose to pursue self-interests and be forced to deal with unrest on many fronts, or form a joint task force to unitedly deal with the immediate repercussions of this billion man disappearance.

At this very moment, most of these leaders are preparing their assets to contribute to the ranks of the joint task force. They have sent drones to join ours in patrolling high priority areas within China. Thousands of men and women are preparing to venture into the unknown, braving the threat of inexplicable disappearance as well as other unforeseen dangers, to ensure that China’s more harmful assets do not become thorns in the collective side of the world. This is but a temporary measure; a formal appeal will be made to the United Nations to replace this vanguard with a contingent that is representative of this Earth’s many nations. What the future holds, we cannot know, but it is my sincere belief that this operation will be the first step to restoring and preserving world stability.

To the families of those who disappeared, I would like to say ‘Do not lose hope!’ This is an undoubtedly disconcerting situation, being totally in the dark about the fate of our loved ones. But this situation we are facing is unprecedented, superhuman even. We cannot pretend to know the reasons behind this occurrence and give human attributes to the motives of whoever is responsible. Once again I say, Do not lose hope!’

I’d like to leave this thought with the world. At this moment, things seem uncertain. But let us look at this situation as a test. A test of the human race’s mettle. Let us imagine that we are being watched with interest; the question our watchers want us to answer is, ‘How will humans respond to this unprecedented event?’

We are a resilient people. It is true that things will get difficult, but if we unite our efforts and resources, we can overcome this obstacle swiftly and efficiently. So let us put our squabbles behind us so that we can give the unequivocal answer, ‘We unite. We persevere. We survive. We overcome. We are the human race.’

May God bless us all in this trying time. Thank you.

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